Religious Education



Religious Education Board

Helps teachers and families educate the children of the parish in the Catholic faith. Assists the Religious Education Coordinator in setting up and monitoring religious education classes and other sacramental events. Teach or serve as a helper in CCD classes.
Contact:  Kari Higgins 412-4568
                 Religious Education Coordinator

Confirmation Ministry

Prepares students for full initiation into the faith through Confirmation. Helpers can assist by being parish sponsors, group discussion leaders or assist the coordinator in a variety of other ways.
Contact:  762-2566




October 16 - Grades 1-3 CCD Classes 6:15pm
                      (Human Dignity Classes)
October 20 - PreK & K CCD Classes 9:00am
                     Grades 4-7 CCD Classes 10:00am
                     Confirmation Class 6:00pm
October 23 - Grades 1-3 CCD Classes 6:15pm
                      2nd Grade Parent Meeting 6:20pm
October 27 - PreK & K CCD Classes 9:00am
                     (Human Dignity Classes)
                     Grades 4-7 CCD Classes 10:00am
                     (Human Dignity Classes)
                     Confirmation Class 6:00pm
2nd Grade Parent Meeting for First Reconciliation will be held Wednesday, October 23, beginning at 6:20pm.



Adult Bible Study

Study the Bible in small-group discussion format with a question/answer period at the end of class with the whole group. Every participant receives their own materials to study through the week before coming to class. Parishioners serve as group discussion leaders.
Contact:  762-2566


Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Brings new people into full communion with the Church. Parish team members assist the pastor in introducing candidates, through a variety of ways, into the full life of the Church. Parish sponsors are also needed each year to accompany candidates through their spiritual journey toward Easter.
Contact:  762-2566












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