We need all of you to contribute!
If you have not yet made a gift to the ADA, we inviteyou to do so today. Pledge cards are available in the parish office. Every dollar raised over our goals willbe kept in the parishes; however, any shortfall will have to be paid out of our operating expenses.To those who have pledged, thank you!
St. Philomena’s Goal - $55,695.00
Pledges Made to Date - $47,605.00 (86% of goal)
116 Parishioners out of 362 Pledged - 32%
Current Shortfall - $8,090.00
St. Michael’s Goal - $11,467.00
Pledges Made to Date - $6,666 (57% of goal)
23 Parishioners out of 54 Pledged - 43%
Current Shortfall - $4,801.00
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