We need EVERYONE to contribute! There is still time to make a pledge! If you have not made one yet,
please consider doing so today. To those who have pledged, we thank you!
St. Philomena’s Goal - $55,066.00
Pledges Made to Date - $55,375.94 (101% of goal)
113 Parishioners out of 352 Pledged - 32%
Current Rebate - $309.94
St. Michael’s Goal - $11,034.00
Pledges Made to Date - $6,729.00 (59% of goal)
21 Parishioners out of 50 Pledged - 42%
Current Shortfall - $4,305.00
If you wish to make a donation on your pledge or pay your contribution in full, please make your check
payable to the Catholic Diocese of Peoria. Reminder statements are sent monthly from December-July.
Donations may also be made by signing up for automatic deduction by credit or debit card, by direct debit,
or online. May God continue to bless our Diocese and the services and programs provide by the ADA.
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